Ellen Warshaw is Your Innkeeper

She is here to be your guide and hostess.

A New York Artist

Ellen Warshaw grew up on Long Island and started writing and performing music at a youthful 9 years of age. Her early, and I mean very early music was in what we would call today the “Americana” genre, or what was called “Folk Music” at the time, opening for many wonderful folk artists. Vanguard records signed Ellen to a deal and released a solo album. She performed in all of the world famous folk clubs in NYC. She then started her Rock career detouring for several years to front the top disco band in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

Ellen fronted some of the hottest rock bands in the area, writing, co-writing and recording songs. She performing at CBGB’s, The Bitter End, Kennys Castaways, and the famous Studio 54. Ellen supported her music career bartending and waitressing at CBGBs (and other great clubs) during the emergence of Punk Rock. Ellen saw first hand the beginnings of MTV, Music Television! It can be a wild ride chasing a dream but she would not have changed a thing.

Living in The Village was an inspiration and education

New York was the creative epicenter of the world

Ellen lived on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village. It was a crazy and interesting time to be in New York, especially in the midst of its music scene. She lived, worked and performed in music's epicenter, serving tables, tending bar and performing on stage in front of members of “the mob”, and hanging out with The Hells Angels.

Moving to Music City USA

An amazing community of creatives draws Ellen to Nashville TN

That musical and creative epicenter seemed to have moved to Nashville Tennessee. So much talent and opportunity presented itself in “Music City” that Ellen chose to move here and immerse herself into the music community. She fell in love with, not only the artists and venues but the incredible city itself, southern charm, and Nashville’s friendly ways. Learning the special language of the south she found herself performing her songs at clubs on lower Broadway (LowBro) and the famous Bluebird Cafe. This lead to an original tune of Ellen’s being cut and released.

Having fallen in love with the city, it’s people, music, food and charms, Ellen decided to open The Big Bungalow B&B in 2004. It is through this traditional bed and breakfast that she can share that love of Nashville and love of music. Ellen is a wellspring of Nashvile nooks and crannies where vacationers can find art, world class restaurants (and the beautiful spots only locals know about), parks, theater, and tons of live music to hear and experience.

Ellen Warshaw, Concierge

Whether you are here for the CMA Festival, The Tomato Arts Fest, the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, or NHL Nashville Predators, it will do you good to call Ellen before you check in. Just so you don’t miss out on something special. And while you are at it ask her for her a copy of her children’s book with original music or a compilation CD of music from ’78 to ’85, an 80s rock odyssey!

I just love Nashville so much, I wanted to share the city I now call home.

Ellen Warshaw, The Big Bungalow Bed and Breakfast